Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Battle City

Its been now 5 months for me in Chennai. I find it strange to say but its true, these 5 months have not been the worst period of my life by any means. But yeah, its been tough.
It has been a strange phase so far. I have worked on all the public holidays so far. The reason being simple, I have nothing else to do in Chennai. Therefore, taking a holiday and sitting at home is worse than going to office. I save all my leaves and utilize them either to go to delhi or some holiday. So the next trip is for Kolkata this month end.
I never imagined myself going to a restaurant to dine alone. Sadly I do that quite often here to please myself. The same I did yesterday, Friday evening 8 pm I was in office. A normal life if I would have been in delhi and got late from office, directly gone home, mom would have said “Beta, you got late and look tired, I will get you some food, you relax.” But here in Chennai, I said to myself “Hey Rauuulllll, its been a long and tiring week, come I will take you to a good restaurant, have a good dinner”. Sounds sad, yeah it is.
Somehow, I have ended up knowing very few people in office and outside. It’s a small group of people around me with whom I interact on a daily basis. Thankfully, the group is really nice but at same time I miss the life in Delhi where I had a circle to hangout with.
The only respite is Saturday when I get to hear from most of you via phone or gtalk or FB. However, am sure it would have been so much fun if we could meet every weekend. J

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