Sunday, 22 May 2011

Thoughts...Got Confused..More thoughts..

First , am sure u all must have seen Jab We Met. Fundoo movie na.. I too liked it , but hey don’t u think that Geet had actually gone cuckoo in love, as in she never did a reality check to understand if what she planned to do was making sense or not… not blaming her , its just one of the thoughts and a part of me right now is justifying what she did by saying “ It was her first love and every action you do in first love is direct dil se J “.
Second thought , there are songs for every mood. Dil chahta hai  title song…well we 3 friends specially went for a drive and played this title track ….a Kodak Moment … J . At the same time there are heart break songs too…Sadly I have my favorite ones in this category too…they are “ Somebody is me “ by Enrique and “ Tadap Tadap ke “ of movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. There was a time when I used to listen to them 10 times a day. Thankfully I don’t anymore J . Do you also have some favorites in this category ?? :P

Another thought, I believe words are losing their importance day by day. I mean nowadays words which are supposed to be used seldom are being used so frequently by us that they have lost its importance. From the words like “ I miss you “ or “ I love you “, they don’t have any impact and one has to say am seriously saying this to make the other person take notice….   to even abusive words .. man you have to slap the other person to show your anger as on hearing abusive word the other person keeps on smiling as he is so much used to hearing this. ..Did you also face this kind of situation ??? J
One more thought. Is it so difficult to say Goodbye. You were such good friends, but with time differences increased so much that now you decided you not going to talk to other person again , then isn’t it important that for sake of good times  you tell the other person about your intentions and end it on a peaceful note by wishing each other all the best for future. Is it that difficult or is it just because of a minute hope that may be the other person will someday make all the efforts to remove the differences or is it because you want the other person to keep waiting for your call or is it because of anger you not saying goodbye or is it because you don’t have strength to end it yourself??????  Can someone answer this question..I will be glad to hear an answer for this.
Eeh..Yeah its just one of those days, there are so so so many thoughts in my head. I thought why not put some of them in your mind and may be you can help me with some answers.J


  1. First love is normally happens in ur immature age...when u hardly use ur mind nd do all the things direct Dil se which works for lucky one..

    Yeah,tadap tadap is my Fav one...i remember all its lyrics nd used to sing it lottt but now i avoid this kindda said tracks to b in me ;)

    they are many words nd line dat people says just like dat widout actually mean it...Thank God i m smart enough to judge it or feel it ;)
    P.S: dont say on it :P

    its difficult to say "Good bye" ,i nvr felt it say as this word actually mean to me...or if this situation happens i dont feel like wishing oder as i dont feel now it matters :)

  2. its not abt being immature i guess..its abt just dil ka connection :) ...
    N its just once it fails..v tend to use mind more than heart..