Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A guy’s plea

As kids, we all learnt rights listed down in our constitution of India. One of them being the right to equality.  SC/ST/OBC all has reservations today and this is a weird way by the government to give them the right to equality to the extent that now the general people have started demanding reservation.
Now taking the gender issue, I totally agree to the fact that even today girl child is not seen with same eyes in many parts of the country especially rural India. However, what surprises me is that what is wrong with some city women. I mean why the hell are they acting like being always seen with wrong eye.
Sometimes I do get a feel that they over react. Common if you wear short clothes in a crowded area there will be people looking at you with bad eye. I don’t buy the argument that you didn’t expect this to happen when you started from home. And please stop criticizing my city that its not safe. No where no one can take guarantee of you being safe if you go on a walk at 3 am. Being a guy I been chased on road by other guys at 3 am and it scared the hell out of me , they were just after me because I stopped my car at red light and didn’t cross it till the time it turned green. They were after me to hit me, you being a girl those guys will be after you to rape you. Its 3 am dear we all own responsibility to ourselves.
At the same time many guys including me welcomed the decision of a separate coach for women in Metro. We understood that metro is used by people of all sections of society and some of them were being bad to girls. Yeah its true that metro ride is now very boring as I dont get to see any girl in the compartment and dont get to hear there weird talks :D .

I hate seeing celebrities like Rakhi Sawant , I don’t even treat them as human beings leave alone females. They deserve to be called as item girls . I have no sympathy towards them.Common don’t make it a national issue if Mika kissed you on your lips and please stop saying lines like this “ usne mujhe yaha kiss kiya …yahaa…me ek bharitya naari hu, vo mujhe cheeks par kiss karta but yaha kiss karna sirf mere pati ka hak hai “ …Miss Sawant I say hire a writer. NGOs for women why don’t you do something about these kind of people , why you keep harassing guys without even doing background research on just one complaint by a girl.
Indian laws , Section 9 divorce act and Section 13 Hindu marriage act , when will you think of updating yourself. When will you stop taking the side of girl? When will the Indian judiciary will treat a case of dowry without a bias and see that it might be a girl making a false claim ?
And yes when a guy parents will agree that like there are guys who are bad, so are girls. Not every girl is sati savitri  and so if a guy sees his wife/gf with some kind of suspicion he has the right to do so. Please we guys also do have a heart and it was broken by one of girls only. We were not born with the intention of being bad as shown in bollywood movies. I cant understand the fact why they show it always that a girl dreams of being with a guy and a guy dreams of being with 100 girls. Na , its not true. A guy too dreams to be with one girl whom he can trust and love unconditionally. Yes its true, believe me girls. We guys are not that bad.
P.S. Whatever I still love girls …. :D


  1. some part is true...
    but still i dont blame the girls...
    they have the right to live freely, better rein in those a****** guys who treat girls that way...
    a bit sexist i suppose...

  2. u r right ' we all owe responsibity towards ourselves"
    but try see the oder side also as it do happen at 3pm also...well very well written but just one side ;)

  3. Am not blaming just showing the other side :)

    yeah i understand dat girls face harassment ...what am saying is that its not everytime a guy is at fault, even girls do harass guys....n sometimes a girl is at fault too...After all EQUALITY should be here too :D

  4. Well its like that, when a guy hits a gal, he is considered ruthless and cruel, and when a gal hits a guy, then also the guy is considered lecherous or assumed bad

  5. aaye haye ye kudiyaan sheher di haa :D :D