Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chalte Chalte

Ever it happened that you were after something for so long, cried for it, tried very hard for it and eventually when you got it, you started to think was it really worth that much.
We see this happening a lot to kids. We see them cry for a toy , parents get it for them eventually , they play with it for some time and then soon get  bored of it and start to think “ kaash doosra vala toy liya hota “.
With time, these things kept on happening but for other reasons. Didn’t ever this happen that you secretly liked someone and hoped to be with that person someday? Then one fine day that person talked with you and you realized naah that person is not the one for you and thus came down crashing your high hopes. You wished if that person never had talked with you, you were so much better off watching that person from distance. J

Didn’t ever this happen that you were after a dream job / college, made all the wrong sacrifices for it by neglecting friends and family. Then one fine day you achieved it and found the place was not actually the way you dream of it. Add to it you had travelled so much alone for the destination that you left your friends and family behind.
It rarely happens that we enjoy both the journey and the destination .Sometimes it happens due to “Loving the pursuit” human nature. As soon as we get to destination we start to think “What Next “and forget to enjoy good moments at destination. Sometimes the destination is not worth it itself.
So what actually important is to enjoy the journey. Do not make reaching the destination ultimate target so that you feel stressed during the journey.
“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson


  1. its so so true and Real...m feeling the same these days a lotttt....waiting for the new journey to start :)

  2. fuck man.. i hate u... i have 1 written on the same lines on my lappy's word doc.. that i was to finish working on & post by 2nite... just that my posts'end is not planned the way u ended it...
    ab main nai likh sakti.. bhuhuhuuhuhuhu :'(

  3. @meenakshi : all d very best for new journey :)

    @Geet : Well just another coincidence added to the long list of coincidences :) ...Pls do go ahead with ur post...It will be interesting for me to read it :)

  4. i will hapta edit a LOT of it... i wont take that much pain :P

  5. arre..ok if not posting it mail be the unedited version..let me c how much it was same :)