Saturday, 28 May 2011

Truth for some , Fiction for others


It was a difficult journey. One wrong step meant a free fall to hell. He was walking very carefully. It was dark moonless night .He had walked continuously for last so many days. Finally, he saw a small rest house. He decided to rest there for some time and entered in it. Suddenly he heard sound of someone weeping. He took out his sword and walked in the direction of sound. He saw a girl sitting there. He asked her politely about her destination. She quietly gave him the map. He compared her map with his map and realized that they both definitely have same path to traverse for next few years. However, before he said this to her, he heard a beautiful voice asking him “Do we both have same destination”? He realized if he said No then she wont walk with him. At the same time, it was night and he could not leave her alone there.
He again looked at the map and saw that their path might change only after reaching the biggest rest house of journey. It was a special rest house. It was widely believed that one always meet some known person resting there. He was optimistic to meet his friends there and carry on the rest of journey with them. He told her Yes and thought that she will also meet her known ones there and carry on journey with them.
She asked him again if he was sure about it. He nodded in affirmation and told her to trust him. She wasn’t completely sure but still decided to walk with him. With the first ray of sunshine touching her face, he realized that she was a beautiful princess. With this, he also understood that she is not a strong girl and hence he should be extra careful and ensure she never gets hurt.
With time, they became best friends.  She trusted him completely with the directions that she never looked at her map anymore. They walked together for next two and a half years before reaching the special rest house. There he was happily surprised to meet his friends. He introduced her to them. She also met her close friends there. They decided to stay there for some time.
Meanwhile he got to know that from there he had to take a different path. He told this to her. She said she no longer cares for her destination and will go with him. He was delighted to hear this, as he too wanted to be with her. However, his friends told him it is not safe for a girl to walk on their path and thus it will be better if she goes on her path. He realized he could not risk her life for his selfishness. He told her that she could not join him. She started crying and pleaded him to change his mind.
His friends came and told him its time to move. He told her to carry on the journey with her close friends. She was still crying. He had no option to walk away. After walking for 15 days with his friends he told them that he is going back to see if she left for her journey or not. He said its important for his peace of mind to know her well being. His friends said he was going to ruin his life by going back but he decided it was important for him so he walked back. On reaching the rest house, he was shocked to see her sitting and crying there.
 He apologized to her and tried explaining her again the reason. But then he was shattered to hear this line from her , she told him “ The rest house from where we started the journey together , I was waiting there for four years just to find a companion who had the same destination as I had.” He understood that he had done a big mistake.
He asked for forgiveness. She refused. He then requested her to carry on her journey with her friends. She told him that its impossible for her to see the path as tears are refusing to stop coming down from her eyes. He realized that time is running out for both of them , so he picked her up on his shoulders and started walking towards her destination. She shouted at him to leave her there and go carry on with his journey but he told her that he deserves this punishment and will carry on until the time her tears stop and she forgives him. With time he observed her tears stopped but she wasn’t her usual self. He realized that his one mistake had spoiled her life. But he wasn’t going to accept defeat. Slowly he felt she was coming back to herself. It was a difficult journey for him both physically and mentally .After walking nonstop for more than eleven months, one night she told him to stop and take rest. He was so tired that he felt asleep the moment he lied down.
He woke up next morning only to find her missing. He realized that she had decided its time for her to move on in her life without him. She had become strong to walk alone in her journey. He also understood that she didn’t forgive him but it was just because of her pure heart and soul that she left him to go back and pursue his destination.
Today he is walking towards his destination with tears in his eyes because he lost his princess but at same time with a smile, that atleast he ensured she reached her castle.


  1. its so touching nd nicely written :)
    good work :)

  2. very touching :(

  3. @annonymous : dere is nothin sad abt it..

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