Friday, 27 May 2011

Its Idli Dosa time again

Pheww..Less than 20 days left now. Everything is almost set and from the talks I had with HR, it seems there wont be any further delay in joining this time around.
It seems there is some kind of connection between Chennai and me. It’s the third time Chennai is calling me, first time I spent two years there. The second time Infosys sent me there but due to some unavoidable circumstances I could not make it and came back home directly from mysore. Frankly I never thought in my wildest of dreams that I will be going back to Chennai again so this has left me also surprised.
I myself know it will be little tough to adjust in that city but I feel it is important for my career to work in Chennai as it’s the head office there. That is the reason I did not even talk with the HR for change of city, I had left it completely on him to decide the city. The good thing I liked is they were ready for changing the location if asked. So am just taking a little bit of gamble here and if some months later things go worse in Chennai which I hope not, then will go to HR and talk.

The reactions I get from everyone kind of irritates me. On hearing am going to Chennai everyone reacts as if am going to a village or hell. Then when I ask if you ever been to Chennai, 99% of the times the answer is NO. So I just give a sarcastic smile and the other person understands that its better to keep quiet. I intentionally stop anyone from talking bad about that city. Its because if I listen to them then I will be going there with prejudice and that will be wrong as I strongly believe prejudice is something which always stops you from doing things right. I don’t think then I will ever be happy there. So its better for me to just  go there and see the situation myself.
I am excited and at the same time little nervous too. Its kind of second innings for me in job arena, the first innings in a way I got retired hurt. Its interesting I will be starting it from exactly the same place where I left the first innings, Chennai.  Exactly 2 years ago I was supposed to be working in Chennai , so here I go resuming it from there. What goes around comes back around. J


  1. ive been there.. & 8 months of chennai have been the worst phase of my life...

    ha ha ha ha... im so mean na...
    but i hate that place so much that just like u dont wanna hear bad things abt it... i cant stand good things abt that place...
    i wld rather die than go thr again :(

  2. bas ...twade jaise dost ho to dushman ki kya zarurat :P :D
    n yeah i will get back 2 u on dis by telling u good things abt that place soon :P ...

  3. he he ... as u posted once Rahul.. WAt goes around Comes around :p ;).. aish karo ...

  4. just 1 month stay dr made me hate that place from d core of heart ...wish u all d luck .. u'l need it for sure .. lol :p

  5. Thanks for the motivation deepu :P ..
    definitely aish karunga vaha :D