Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Moving Back or Ahead

Some relations in life never change. A mom’s love for her child will never change even if the child leaves her once he is grown up. A pet dog will never harm his master even if he beats him everyday. Rest everything in life may change because Change is the law of life. Everyone changes over a period of time, I have changed, you have changed…..you can deny it but its true.
The change comes up because of various reasons. The first one is as we grow up we move out of our inner world and face the real world. We meet new people and thus learn from them and with it comes up new characteristics in our life. Definitely, our parents did not teach us the four letter words, smoking or drinking, we learnt it from our friends or from movies.  In addition, we do mistakes and learn from them, from mistake of choosing a wrong burger to even a wrong friend. Next time we are cautious because we have learnt from it.
However, the problem comes up when the source of change is not within us. It is exterior. By this, I mean when we get hurt because of other person mistakes. The change brought in by this is not constructive. It is a forced change, a change where in we generalize and start seeing the world with skepticism. Its something which is more to do with hurt rather than learning. One tends to overlook the good people around and just see the face of that one person in everyone.
Oh yeah, it happens. It has happened with me in past and I have seen it happening with many of my friends. 
I remember when I was in such a phase ( that time I didn’t know I was in it ) , my lovely sisters came to talk to me about this. They somehow always manage to get to know when am in trouble. They told me to learn from what happened but not to change because of it. The learning was to accept that relationship with other people in this world, be it girlfriend, best friend etc, there is a possibility that it may change with time. The stress is on the word possibility, it’s not a certainty. Few of the existing or future relations will stay for lifetime in which both the persons will be honest and devoted to it. So don’t go with prejudice while meeting others, just keep the expectations low and let the expectations grow with time .
One might be let down again but hey its not a failure if one learns from it. It’s a failure if it changes you. J


  1. u knw... my fav teacher in the whole world says... if there is even 1% of stress within the two people in a relationship, then the relationship is not worth it... the most imp thing in life is to accept the other exactly the way they are... so that there is NO NEED for CHANGE ;P

  2. Am no where talking abt changing oneself for others....the point am talkin about is how we change because of others n dat is wrong...

  3. kindda true,it is failure if it changes u nd max do change,do stuck nd hence fail.... :(

  4. Sometimes its the circumstances dat gets better of u...but its never late to understand it and get back to urself :)