Thursday, 12 May 2011

Oye Manu Why Tanu

I admit I did the mistake of watching Tanu Weds Manu today. First 20 mins were ok…the first time I felt that the movie is stupid one when Manu says I will marry Tanu…eeh..i felt common you cant do this…and then the first time I heard kangana’s voice..I stopped watching the movie ,I cant stand her voice..
The worst part is am suffering the after effects of watching 25 minutes of this movie. A stupid question has got in my mind and in addition a little bit of fear too. It is weird though but cant help it.

Ok  as per my mom I should be ready for marriage around 3 years later. Now as things stand right now, it will be an arranged marriage. And after watching a bit of this stupid movie am thinking how will I decide if the girl is right for me. I know I wont be that stupid like Manu falling for a girl on just seeing her ..Manu wake up it was not love at first sight , it was Lust unless you always dreamt of marrying a girl who comes to meet you after having vodka and sleeping pills.
Wow.. I was always neutral towards arranged marriages but suddenly am feeling little scared of them. It is a decision for life and we have to decide in 20 minutes or so if the person is right or not. A decision in 20 mins…for life….wife……phewww….scary
Mumma papa pls koi achhi ladki dhoondna mere liye :D … sab aap ke upar hi hai ..hehe…
N guys am sure most of you will get married before me…so please do share your valuable insights with me in future J

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