Thursday, 5 May 2011

Trust Vs Love

Is it that if we love someone we trust his or her judgements /decisions / thoughts too? I guess on first thought most of us will  answer YES …a big YES and say there cant be love without trust …if I love someone then I trust that person…
Have you watched the movie “A Beautiful Mind “? It’s my second favorite movie in the list of My TOP 5 movies (Yeah..As always I have list for this too.. am obsessive with making lists :D ) ..ok back to movie…I love this movie and have watched it many times…the beautiful part about this movie is it is inspirational , at the same time motivational and real J . If you haven’t seen this movie please watch it and if u don’t like it then.. Then… then I will treat you for wasting your 2 hrs n few minutes: D

While watching the movie 3 days back…the question of Trust Vs Love came in my mind…Nash was always told by his wife that the people he was seeing were imaginary …He loved his wife a lot but still he could not trust her n convince himself that what she was saying is truth… After all, he was seeing the imaginary people, how could he trust someone else even his wife… The moment he was convinced that the people were fiction of his imagination was when he realized that the girl (one of the people he used to see and were imaginary) was not getting any older.
Now is not it so true. I mean somewhere we all must have gone through this. We did something which was against wishes of our parents , they were saying NO but we were adamant that am right….Some other case Our closest of friends said this or that person is wrong…but we  stuck to our judgment…..
Everyone Loves parents and closest of friends the most …..Then why we didn’t trust their judgement/decision/thought……Is dat v become too mature to take our decision even if it means going against our parents n friends….Or v know what is better for our lives than them….N v say to ourselves that no matter things go wrong atleast I will be responsible …. Or its not question of Trust here…Its something else…
Eehh…too many questions…But then I guess a movie that makes you think deserves too be in the list of favorites J
Another two movies which are in the list of my favorites n makes me think every time are “ The Pursuit of Happyness “ and “ Prestige “ …. The best part I love about these 3 movies  is that the characters shown are so much real as compared to Hindi movies…as in the characters have their own flaws and thus the emotions n behaviors are closed to what we experience in real world J.

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