Thursday, 5 May 2011

A good Gmail feature

Almost everyone uses Gmail. Ever it happened to you, that you clicked send button and soon after that realized “Oh man I forgot the attachment / no I wrote this wrong  etc etc etc “ …
Well I Just learnt that there is a way out. We can actually stop the sent mail from reaching the destination …max we can do this in 30 seconds..I guess 30 seconds r more than enough J

Here is the way out
·         Go to Settings, click on Labs and enable the option that says "Undo Send".
·         Click General under Settings and here you can select the time (up to 30 seconds) for which the email can be stopped after it is sent.
·          When you press the send button and the inbox comes up, you would see a yellow box saying, "Your message has been sent. Undo or View message" on top. Click on undo to cancel sending the mail and get the draft back. You can then make the necessary changes to the text or add the recipients you forgot and send again.
Cool na….N yeah it works…I tried it J
Wow..this is my first ever post on technology J ….hehe…I can write on topic other than Philosophy n sports :D

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  1. i have enabled a lotta things.. including undo.. but i still forget to undo within 30 secs :P