Thursday, 5 May 2011

We were Good Boys

In 10th standard, my five classmates and I were selected for the Basketball squad of school. With inter school basketball competition coming up we were required to practice and hence had to miss classes.
Missing classes in 10th standard for playing..Wow…nothing better than that. It was bound to happen that there were jealous students around. One of them was in other section. So once when we were practicing in class hours, that guy had his Sports period and he was in the ground. He went to our teacher who was taking class that time and complained “ye ladke playground mein meri class ki ladkiyan ched rahe hai “…

The teacher was already furious that we guys bunked her class for playing. Therefore, she called us and gave us punishment to stand outside the class. We got very angry for three reasons…first we were just playing in the basketball court whole time ….secondly there was not any good girl in that person’s section ….thirdly it was  a strong punishable offence which would surely go to go to principal and then our parents  and repercussions  could be severe .
So one of us took the bold step and went inside to tell the teacher while class was on that we have not done anything wrong and hence cancel our punishment right away. She got further angry and called the head in –charge of 10th standard…
Now what happened after that we still remember that…The head in –charge came and she got shocked on seeing us punished…She called the teacher from class and said to her “ye ladke ladkiyaan ched rahe the…me maan hi nahi sakti…. These are good Boys… You can’t punish them for this reason “….Then she told us to get back in class and study and not to miss this teacher class in future because she doesn’t like it.
Well, in school time we proved to be good boys and were made prefects of our respective houses in 12th standard. J
N this instance always comes up in discussion whenever we all meet  and everyone laughs and says “ Once upon a time WE WERE GOOD BOYS “ :D :D


  1. hehe i remember many of these kindaa instance of my school life....well m till date good girl ;), as none of my teachers,parents nd employer ca believe dat i can do anything indisciplin or wrong ;)

  2. nice post... school days were the golden days of my life :)

  3. deepu.. u ever got such a nice compliment in ur school days ??? :P