Saturday, 14 May 2011

India : Factory of Techies and MBA’s

Btech + MBA …a deadly combo…Am one of the millions in India holding these two degrees. Well I will say that Btech wasn’t much of my choice , but MBA definitely was mine. I have a very strong view point for post graduation. I always advice everyone that  go for post graduation  if you wish to study. Choose the discipline which you wish to pursue not your parents/ friends. It should be entirely your decision.
It’s the season of admissions. I get many calls enquiring about my college, comparing my college mainly with these four:
 IMT - difficult one to choose
 Fore - We are Man Utd and they are our neighbors Man City
KJ Somaiya - Go for it if u wish to see n try your luck with Mumbai girls
 Tapmi – Not applicable
Every time I talk to MBA aspirants, it surprises me. I seriously get a feel that MBA is seen by many as a shortcut to get higher packages. Some don’t want to go for MS outside India and realize its very tough to get  into a good college for Mtech in India so MBA becomes the destination for them. And  Yeah maximum janta in B schools is from the World of IT and what best way to get out of it  for them, MBA .

I think this is the reason that in US n UK work experience is a must to get admission in a good Business School. With work experience one not only gets a feel of corporate world but also finds the missing element “Focus “. They are well prepared to answer the most difficult and expected question in interview “Why MBA “ . I also had a very hard time while making up an answer for this question because I knew just answering “ Its my dream “ won’t help to get admission.
Another bad thing that is happening in India is the rate at which B schools are opening up  ( IMI too is in this race with 2 new campuses added this year ). I seriously feel that 10 years down the line the situation will be same like is in IT right now. The quality of education and the quality of students holding MBA degree will not be the way it should be. It is very important that some stringent steps are taken by education ministry to control the MBA factory in our country, for start by cancelling licenses of B schools who doesn’t have the right faculty and infrastructure for giving good quality higher education.
If things dont change soon then I do hope someday US companies start outsourcing Managerial aspects of their business too , otherwise we MBA's wont get jobs . :)

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