Thursday, 12 May 2011

Love Actually is All around

Oh yeah…I watched a romantic movie after a long long time J . I thought since am on holidays it wont matter that even if I feel sad/depressed/romantic/stupid/weird for couple of days after watching a romantic movie. I wasn’t sure what the feeling would be.
The movie I watched is “ Love Actually “ . It’s a good romantic movie …If you have seen it am sure you will agree that its well made movie,  so many stories and relations but well captured. If you haven’t seen it yet then I suggest do watch it, it’s a nice movie. Salam-e-Ishq was inspired ( as said by bollywood directors ) from this movie and it is as good a movie as bad salam-e-Ishq was. A big thanks to the two friends who recommended this movie to me . J

Well after watching the movie now I understand that chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye…dil to dil hai :D ….My mood is totally romantic again and I guess it will stay so till the hangover of the movie lasts.  Wow there is something beautiful about these kind of romantic movies which are well written and directed. You get to feel all the good good things about love like you can fall in love anytime …it doesn’t matter age, religion, language etc etc. Love is blind and strong…common do anything to get love….common go and confess your love , it doesn’t matter….hehe…these movies can be classified inspirational also…
And yeah in the end when you see all stories ending happily and in love a tear of happiness rolls down the eyes. J
Oh yeah one more thing…the start of the movie is really nice. There is a message in beginning. It is that when our life will be nearing the end the people we will like to talk to or meet will be our loved ones , we wont care about the people whom we hate or who hurt us in past and are not with us today for some reason or other. So why are we wasting these days by thinking about them when we have our loved ones with us.

P.S. After watching the movie My Mood : Good good n romantic
Song in my mind now : Mere sapno ki raani kab aayegi tu….

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