Monday, 6 June 2011

A little bit of ME

Sometimes the world leaves me confused. There are days it makes me feel as a kind of inferior person, I feel like that am the only mere human being in this world and rest everyone is reincarnated Jesus Christ. Moreover, the day I do a good thing the world says that I pretend to be one among them kinda Jesus Christ.
But I actually enjoy being a human being  and all the weakness and feelings of jealousy, anger, disappointment etc which are gifted to me for being a human apart from doing once a month some good deed.
Oh yeah, I feel all of the positive and negative emotions and I don’t mind showing it.
So if someone did anything wrong to me, I still remember it and if given a chance will love to take revenge in future. I have done this in past and somewhere I feel little proud of it. I don’t believe much in forgiving. :D
So if someone is doing better than me professionally I feel jealous but at same time I use it to motivate myself to do better. Oh yeah side by side I even make some reasons in my mind like it is due to luck/destiny etc just to make myself feel better.
So if I see a couple walking in a mall I feel disappointed, oh no not because I want that girl walking to be with me, its more so because I miss that feel of happiness of those long walks . I don’t mind admitting it , as its true.
So if I am feeling sad I do cry , oh yeah even guys cry , n some1 like me cries a lot, this year count till now is 2.
So if I have something to say I say it , I love speaking my mind and heart out. Yes I have been called blunt many times , some put it in a better way by calling me straightforward .
So if I care for you then I show it, because I don’t want to lose you and want you to know it . Here suddenly some start feeling that am being kinda Jesus Christ and call me fake or flirt etc etc.  Well I said na there is a small nice guy in me so you are lucky that you got a chance to meet him. :D
So if I am happy I call or text all of my close friends to share it .  ( Atleast I don’t put it on FB for others to like :D ) .
I don’t know if anyone else feel the same but I have assumed  over a period of time that a normal human being is ought to feel these kind of emotions. So I tell myself that am a normal happy self proud Human being . J


  1. there u go... u came back to I, me n Myself :P ;)

  2. obviously yaar...
    I love myself the most :D