Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Moment Of Madness

Has it ever happened that you did something and after some time realized I was better off not doing that? Or you laughed after some time realizing what you actually did an hour back and said to yourself wow I acted madly??
The character Joker in The Dark Knight rightly said “Madness is like gravity, All it takes is a little push!!! “ . Luckily most of the time, the madness we do is not that consequential , as in driving at speed of 120 kms per hr  or getting sloshed …  but sometimes a moment of madness do have serious repercussions.
Just couple of hour’s back I read a news report, a 21 year old was executed in China. On just reading the headline I was taken aback , the first thought that came in my mind “ aisa kya kar diya 21 saal ke ladke ne “. So I read the whole report , that guy belonged to a rich family , highly educated  , he had an accident in which a woman got injured , she noted down his car number and he in fear of being asked for compensation and police proceedings stabbed and killed her.
After reading it , I could not believe it . I mean a highly educated rich guy just for the fear of giving a woman compensation killed her. He was executed for this. Right or Wrong by China, that’s highly debatable and that debate is still on in my head. So am not commenting on this aspect. Oh yeah just one more point on this, he himself surrendered to police later on.
Nevertheless, think about what actually the guy did, it was a moment of madness, wasn’t it?  I mean if he knew that what he was about to do would have cost him his life , he and his family would have been  more than happy to give the lady any amount of money she wanted. Couple of days later he went to police and surrendered. Am not sure about the other aspects as in their were witness or not , but whatever the case be am sure in every country the first thing a lawyer says to his client is “ Do not accept the crime “ . That is the reason all the hi-fi cases take years in India , be it the Manu Sharma case or salman khan hit and run case , sanjay dutt role in 93 bomb blasts etc.  But that guy surrendered, accepted his fault , pleaded for little bit of mercy , but he got none. He was executed.  He wasn’t a serial killer or a terrorist , what he did was inhuman , a moment of madness costed him his life.
May be one can say that he acted immaturely , a 21 year old kid got scared and in fear did that , but may be he was too much an arrogant person , he belonged to a rich family and had that kind of attitude where he felt he was the king of China. I don’t know what is right or wrong in this, but what I know is that it is important to always think before doing anything, you never know what a moment of madness can cost you in future. Think before drinking and then driving , think before hurting someone , think before saying anything , above all before doing something  just ask yourself once can I tell my parents about it ? You will surely get a clear YES or NO .

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