Friday, 17 June 2011

Emotional Atyachar

Just couple of hours back I saw an episode of this reality TV show. A Girl did a loyalty test on her boyfriend. The guy failed it , the girl cried , then confronted the guy and slapped him , the guy also abused the girl , ajay devgan enters , gives some gyaan on relationships  , show over. Last week also similar thing happened but that time a guy did loyalty test on his girlfriend and she failed it.
These kind of reality TV shows amuses me a lot. They make relationships look so futile and worthless which is actually not the case. I believe the people who appear on these shows are either paid money for it or are just hungry for 2 minutes of fame on TV. Else I cant understand what’s  the point of doing all this, as by appearing on TV one is telling the whole world I had a bf/gf who in the end proved to be a cheat and I was with that person for so many years , how will the family of that person feel seeing their child on TV in such a kind of show.

One more point , in most of the episodes models are used who act as undercover agents. They are good looking n wear skimpy clothes and themselves start flirting with the guy. The guy is afterall a normal human being and falls for them . He doesn’t know he is being watched by hidden cameras and thus is caught.
Yes its wrong to flirt with a girl being in relationship but hey he didn’t start it , the girl approached him and eventually he fell for it , big enough reason for the girl to dump him?? May be Yes. But at same time I feel doing a loyalty test on him is big enough reason for the guy too to dump the girl. Trust is the basis of the relationship and by doing this stupid test the girl has just shown she doesn’t trust the guy  and I guess any guy who even clears this test if has some self respect will dump the girl. J