Monday, 13 June 2011

Until We Meet Again

Hey, am all set to go. I guess by the time you will read this I would be in Chennai. J
I don’t know but am not fond of the concept of last meet before going plus loads of last moment family commitments plus my niece birthday on Sunday were enough to keep me busy the entire weekend , hence could not meet any one of you.  

This post is dedicated to you all. Thanks a lot for everything. You guys are amazing. You all listen to my stupid thoughts and now for last couple of months are even reading my posts. Hats off to you all for tolerating me. J
I have learnt a lot from you all. Am really honored that you have trusted me and shared with me your life and thoughts and at same time, I feel very comfortable in sharing my life with you all. I hope it continues in future too and hopefully our work life will not make us so busy that we end up with no time for this.
Ok , lot of thanks done from my side , now an apology . Am not sure the person for whom this apology is for will read this but then I don’t have any other medium to say sorry, so please forgive me.
No no, its not my last post on blog :D . I have enjoyed writing here a lot and to add it your praise has motivated me to write more ( ya ya I know you praise me just because u have no other option :D ) .
 As per now I have a plan to come to Delhi on 27th October for 4 days , hope to meet you all then and I hope some of you will also join me to watch the Formula 1 race in Noida during that weekend. J

All the very best to you all for both professional and personal life ahead. God bless you.
Miss you all
Loads of Love

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