Monday, 27 June 2011

Sab kuch alag hai Sab kuch nayaa hai

Every morning I wake up, open my eyes , the first reaction I have is where am I , its not my room , its not my home. Then, next second the realization of being in a new city sinks in. After that its normal day, same office routine. Till now I have spent most of my time in office, so haven’t seen much of the city except for normal shopping places like big bazaar and all.
Its almost two weeks now in Chennai and strangely I haven’t started hating the place. Even I am surprised by this. I think its more so because am having good time in office , it is hectic in office , have to spend weekends including Sundays too in office but I guess its better for me this way , by this  I don’t get time to even think of hating the city or cry over bad food .
Well I was told that I wont get good food here , so I was prepared for the worst. Surprisingly once in a while I do get decent food. I have found one north Indian restaurant owned by a Sardar , so I go there whenever I have time and today I had mast bhel puri.. mazaa aa gaya …delhi ki yaad aa gayi J
Then I was told that I will never get to see mast beautiful girls. Well I get to see three beautiful girls every day. But the only catch is they are models whose big poster is on the GRT jeweler showroom.
Other than that, the real count is 4 in 14 days. L
I was also told that the people here are not at all cooperating. Luckily I found good landlords and a fundoo house too.  But yeah the autowallahs here are not good. The way they drive , am very sure Rajnikant must have played a role of auto driver in some movie and they all are inspired by him. And then add to it , when I ask them “ you know English “ , they reply “ No English “ . Then my next question is “ Hindi aati hai “ , to this they always reply “ Hindi nahi maloom “ . Man, they are professional: D.
I had one big argument with an autowallah couple of days back , bahut sunaya usko maine :D . I doubt he understood even a bit of it though . J
I think the day I feel bad in office I will start feeling bad in this city too. Till then I can survive easily. I hope office life remains like the same as is now , these days I come home so tired that I have dinner and then am off to sleep max by mid night. And with this ends another day.
I hope you all are also having good time in office / college / business .
Take care


  1. so basically ur happy with aboring monotonous life... man you're not een retired.. whaz wronf with u???

    lol... juz kidding... good to knw ur happy in CHENNAI. ;P

  2. well its difficult to add excitement to life in chennai i guess :)