Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ticking the resolutions

Its been 5-6 years now I have been doing this resolution thing. In last week of December, I spend some time in thinking what all I wish to do next year and note them down on paper or document. This time also I had done the same. Surprisingly unlike last year where I had made only one resolution, this year I ended up writing 15 resolutions. Yeah, it’s a big list J .
For a minute, I thought it’s crazy. 15 resolutions, that’s a lot. Then a good thought came in my mind to counter it. It occurred to me that I have so much to look forward to this year.
6 months over in this year and am done with half of the New Year resolutions. Oh yeah … am making progress on 7th of the 15 resolutions ( with the 15th one being to complete 7 of the 14 resolutions , am not counting that in calculations ) J.
I started working on the 7th resolution a month back and I guess it will be ON atleast for this year end. I have finally stopped eating Non-vegetarian food. I had been trying to do this now for over a year. No no, there is nothing religious sentiment or family pressure attached to do this. It was just a thought which was always in my mind to stop eating non-veg but being at home I could never do that , as dad , sisters n brother-in laws n even my nephews n niece eat it a lot . So more often than not I too end up eating with them. So I guess once am back home I might end up again eating non-veg but atleast till that time I wont eat it .
The left over 7 resolutions are little tricky and tough. Let’s see what happens to them. :D

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