Saturday, 30 July 2011

Smoker Vs Lover

I was addicted to her and he was to cigarattes.We were terror on road, even while driving in one hand I had phone to talk to her  and his one hand was occupied with cigarette while driving. I told him he is wasting his life by smoking and he replied that I am wasting my life with that girl. We never paid heed to each other’s advice.
Eventually we both proved right. I landed up with a broken heart and he with infected lungs.  However, it was not easy to stop.  I kept on following the girl and he kept on smoking. Then our friends and family came to rescue. I had counseling and he had rehabilitation.
I thought getting over love was the most difficult thing in the world. Then after seeing him, I realized quitting cigarettes is even more difficult. Every time I went out of home, I saw girls here and there but no one was like her, I never found anyone like her. So I never got tempted towards any girl. But he, oh man he saw people smoking around him. In addition, some were smoking his favorite brand.

Whenever I had a emotional breakdown and I tried getting in touch with her, she never replied. So eventually, I accepted the fact that she is gone. However, life was tough for him, whenever he had a breakdown he could easily go to market, pay money and get his cigarette. Therefore, it needed more strength and determination for him to quit smoking.
P.S.  Rise and fall in love but do not fall for cigarettes. Ending up with a broken heart is better than infected lungs. Spread love not smoke.


  1. o gawd... u really had me in splits by the end of it ;P

    btw... i really liked the start... so much so, i read it 3 times to understand it :D

  2. Its in simple english not hindi ... seems u r bad in all languages :D

    P.S. thanks , am taking ur words as compliment :)