Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sunday : A small goal in life

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to Sundays to watch my and every child favorite shows Chandrakanta, duck tales, talespin and above all Jungle Book in morning and then to play cricket in evening till it was so dark to see ball. Monday morning walking to school was such a bad feeling, a big bag with 8 notebooks (one for each period) and equal number of books. Getting scoldings for not doing homework properly and then being dumped with more homework. I never understood why teachers dumped us with so much homework for Sunday, common Sunday is supposed to be holiday for we little children to enjoy and have a good time at home.

I was looking forward for a change and somewhere I had a feeling things will be different in college.

Then came college. It was fun during weekdays but then weekends were more fun. Yeah there were no shows to watch on Sunday mornings but Cricket was still there. :) Oh yeah even during my college (Btech) days we guys played cricket. There was one more rule that was supposed to be followed in addition to all cricket rules. No one will talk on phone during the match; everyone was supposed to tell his girlfriend not to disturb on Sunday morning. Am not kidding, we did that actually.

In MBA, first year there was no Sunday. Never got time off to look forward to Sunday. Life was hectic, rarely got time to go home even. Second year almost every day was Sunday. There wasn’t anything to look forward to , no challenge , no workload. Just kept waiting for college to end and to begin professional life.

Now In professional life, its still the same weekends which I look forward to, Saturday and Sunday, two days off. No homework, no tension. The only difference is that weekdays move so fast in office. Day before yesterday it suddenly occured to me that wow just one more day and then again its weekend. Called up a friend then itself and made Saturday evening plan. Life is moving fast thankfully.

Sometimes I wonder if nothing interesting every happened in my life or I never set any other goal except for a SUNDAY. Whatever, I love Sundays :) :).

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