Sunday, 21 August 2011


The word “Unfriend” was named the word of the year by Oxford dictionary in 2009. Unfriend was defined as a verb that means to remove someone as a "friend" on a social networking site such as Facebook.
It clearly shows how the virtual world has become a kind of communicator to the people who are actually a part of your real world. I have read in newspapers many times in past year or so with some people claiming that they got to know of being dumped by their partner only when they saw their online relationship status. Wow, isn’t it cool as in that is a easy way of calling it quits. No listening to abuses or crying, just a change in status online to signal to the whole world that am available again. :D

I have also been at the receiving end of this term “Unfriend” . No no, I haven’t been dumped online but I have been unfriended and also been blocked a few times in past 2 years. Naah, am not telling the exact number but thankfully it is in single digits only.  :D Reasons were quite bad , fall out or a fight in most of the cases that had meant zero talking. However this new step of “Unfriend” was taken by the others that shows I was strong enough to face them still. J God bless them all.
Maintaining the virtual world had become quite a task for me now. I rarely find time to blog  , its maximum of 1 or 2 posts every weekend. Then I do like to know about what is happening in my friends lives, but it got difficult to go through 1000 or more pending most recent updates. Then again it had become really difficult to see who all of the people I talk to (or other way around people who do find time to talk to me J ) are online on gtalk and FB.
Therefore, I found a fundoo way out. I spent around half an hour yesterday. Went through all my FB friend list and selected the few people whom I wish to follow and added them in a list and tadaaa now everynight when I come online I have very few updates. Thankfully now I don’t have to read the updates like “ XYZ is feeling happy that ABC is back home “ , “ABC is feeling lonely” . God , if you are feeling lonely or you are happy then savor/hate the moment , don’t put it on FB.
Ditto I did with gtalk, now my gtalk list has at a given point of time only 4-5 friends online, not around 40-50 as earlier.
There are other avenues open to converse for me with others and viceversa, like phone, FB message and gmail, which I guess have become secondary modes of communication nowadays. Therefore, I guess nothing bad about what I did. J
Wow, its not difficult to maintain life in virtual world now . J
Steps for next week, update linkedin profile and also FB profile. Need to change my current location from Delhi. L

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