Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dreams Limited

One thing that fascinated me about the movie Inception was that what if we could control our dreams. Every night we would have good dreams and wake up in morning with a smile.
I guess some of the dreams which will make me smile are : am a football player , then driving formula 1 car , then settled down happily in Delhi , romantic dates , enjoying life with friends.
I always have had a belief that what we see in dreams is not actually what we want but they are somewhere related to what we think or do the entire day. I do not know how much this is true but atleast it happens with me. I remember there was a time when the only dreams I had were related to sports, then there was a time when the dreams/nightmares were related to a girl , then there was time when I used to do software coding even in dreams. These all were related to what work or what was happening in my life that period.
So I guess I can say that the dreams we see are somewhere related to what is happening in life. Dreams are not actually what we dream of.
And this brings me to the dreams I have these days. As expected they are related to work. The good thing is that it means that I don’t think about any other things in life, and my whole day goes in work in office. The sad thing is that somewhere it means there is nothing else happening in my life, nothing exciting. I think for past 2-3 years I had got used to something happening or the other and now strangely am not getting used to a peaceful life. :D
Am not sure what I actually want , a peaceful life or some twist. Hopefully whatever will happen , will happen for good. J