Sunday, 7 August 2011

And everything stopped for a moment

He was confused. The devil inside him wanted to abuse and kill her but somehow the god inside him still controlled him. He understood her so well that he decided to do what she desired but never said explicitly.
It was Monday morning. He thought of going directly to her office but then decided otherwise. Therefore, he called her to say that he is in the city and wish to meet. Her reply was a bullet straight through the heart, she said she will try to catch up during the weekend but not sure.
He made a fool of himself but decided to miss his office and wait until the weekend. Finally, it happened, the moment for which he had been waiting for long. There she was standing in front of him. He have had this moment at least 100 times in his dreams and was ready with each and every line he wanted to say. Still the moment got better of him. He was standing in front of her speechless.
She walked towards him normally, hugged him for about 10 seconds and as always said with smile ‘I love you’. He was left amused thinking how on earth she could just tell these words so casually without meaning even a bit of them. He didn’t reply and just opened the car door for her.  She asked him why he came back and what’s the matter about which he wanted to talk. He wanted to see guilt in her eyes so asked her to wait till the time he drives to a place where they can sit peacefully and talk. In between, she had a small call from a guy and she told him about her whereabouts.
After reaching to the very same place where they went for first time, with a tear in his eye he asked her what has gone wrong in last one month. She behaved as if nothing went wrong. To this he got angry and raised his voice asking her it again.
She started in the most common way out by a girl saying that 'you are a very good guy and I feel you deserve someone better than me , you don’t deserve a bad girl like me etc etc.'
He have had enough of these answers in last one month so he looked straight into her eyes and told her,'we always had been completely transparent and honest with each other and requested her to be the same now.' She shed couple of tears and told him that with time, feelings have changed and she doesn’t feel the same closeness and love anymore. His heart was broken but he didn’t want to show his weak side to her anymore. He felt as if his world came to an end and didnt feel like to talk more with her. All the questions he had in his mind suddenly seemed worthless to even find answers.
She again got a call from someone. He could make out that its time for her to go. They walked together to car parking. He knew it was the last time they were meeting. So when he expressed his thought to her , she laughed and said that he is over reacting. But he was absolutely sure of it.
The last two minutes they were together got too emotional for him to handle. The hope was still inside him that she might suddenly change her mind , suddenly she might realize that things between them were coming to end and the fear of losing him which she always had was close to becoming reality.
But nothing happened like that. As always in her cute way she looked in his eyes with confidence, gave him a kiss on cheek and hugged him. The hug which was meant to be for few seconds went about for about a minute. He hugged her tight and left her only when she said that its getting late.
He had a tear in his eye which was very much visible to her. She ignored it and said ‘I love you , bye’. She knew he wasn’t going to reply , so turned her back and started walking towards metro station.
He waited there till the time he could see her. Again it was a stupid hope that she might come back to him. What happened after that is history.
Strangely love creates such stupid hopes that sometimes one goes into a stage of split personality where in he tries to convince himself that it actually has ended but at same time finds answer to suggest that its too early to give up.


  1. I like it! ----->>>>> Strangely love creates such stupid hopes that sometimes one goes into a stage of split personality where in he tries to convince himself that it actually has ended but at same time finds answer to suggest that its too early to give up.