Saturday, 2 February 2013

The inner peace

“Love has no reason, no meaning and no explanation. A million poems have been written. A million songs have been sung. And yet we still can’t explain it.”

No one agreed with his thoughts about love. To the defense of everyone, his thoughts about love were weird – He always felt that he would hear bells ringing, violins playing when he falls in love. No one believed in his concept of love – everyone told him that it happens only in movies, and life is not a movie. They tried to convince him, some even tried to scare him by saying that he would end up single for life if he sticks to his belief about love. He dated few girls and every time he refused to take next step and when asked about the reason he gave the very same answer– he did not feel the connect, he did not hear the bells ringing and violins playing. As expected, he was at the receiving end of those girls too , some of them bluntly told him that they feel he was living in a dream world, some of them criticized him by saying that he was still clutching to his past, a few of them smiled and wished him the best for future.

As time passed and more people tried to persuade him, his belief started to shake a little. Every time it happened, he felt alone as he had no one to whom he could go to restore the belief. He realized he was his own strength. Every time he felt weak, he just closed his eyes and recollect how he felt the time he fell in love, what he felt and how special it was. He visualized himself falling in love again with the same feeling, he visualized himself going back to everyone who did not believe in his thoughts and telling them that he was right. He visualized everyone apologizing to him. Every time with his thought, he would restore his faith and gather strength to wait for his love. Somewhere, he always felt angry to all the people who tried to tell him to change his belief.

After waiting for long time, it eventually happened again. Yes, he felt the way he always dreamt it to be – he heard the bells ringing, violins playing when he fell in love. In a minute, he felt his life changed – everything around him was so beautiful again, in each and every minute he felt the happiness he always waited for in last few years. He felt everything perfect again in his life. 

However, there was a slight difference that he never imagined – he felt inner peace, he experienced his mind getting blank with no anger or whatsoever for the people who never supported him for his belief – he immediately decided to forgive them and move on with his life. He felt proud of himself that he did not let his dream die; he never compromised with his dream and beliefs. He understood what tears of happiness meant that day.

“You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it.”

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