Monday, 28 February 2011

Category of Girls

Jisse dhoondta hoon main har kahin
Jo kabhi mili mujhe hai nahin
Mujhe jiske pyaar par ho yakeen
Woh ladki hai kahan
Jisse sirf mujhse hi pyaar ho
Jo yeh kehne ko bhi taiyyaar ho
Suno tum hi mere dildaar ho
Woh ladki hai kahan

The only question I ask myself after every relationship ends is that Rahul why I end up in wrong relationships. This led me to another strange thought about the girls I dated or met till now. I tried categorizing the kind of girls I fell for or met. And strangely I realized that I can do that because till now I met girls having a similar kind of characteristics.
Before going deep into categories let me share my ideal girl. I do have a picture of her in mind. She must be highly educated , have expressive eyes , long hair and height atleast 5 feet five inches. I will love to see her not smoking and drinking after entering into relationship with me. I will also like to see her having little focus on her career because I feel those kind of girls are self dependent and good at decision making. She should be ready to live with my family. She should be someone who values what she says and also what I say . In short a good speaker and listener. This is because I believe that success of a relationship matters a lot on how well we communicate and are transparent and honest to each other. I do not believe in the philosophy of understanding silence of the other partner.
Now the categories . After giving a lot of thought I came up with three categories for girls in which am sure every girl can fit themselves either completely or in between two.
I have named them as Category A,B and C. It doesn’t by any chance mean that A is better than B and B is better than C. All the three are equally good and also those who fall in between this categories like between Category A and B & between Category B and C.
Let me start with Category C first because I have just heard of them. Thankfully never met any of them personally but some of my friends have and had bad experiences. They are kind of total girl types , the one who believe in the concept that a guy will come on horse and take them far from this world. They are waiting for that guy and not ready to talk or go on a date with any guy. I can’t understand how without going on a date they can find out which guy is best for them. Am scared of these kind of girls because the only line which I always say to myself before approaching a girl is  “ rahul don’t worry , koi ladki thappad nahi maarti “ . And these Category C kind of girls will slap you if you even if by mistake touch them, so think what they will do if you approach them to ask her out on date.
The second category is Category B. They are the ones who hangout in groups consisting both guys and girls. They are the ones who respect their family values and culture a lot. They know their limits and do not ever cross them. A guy need to wait a lot to know her better as she does not open up easily and talk from her heart. The most beautiful part about these kind of girls is that once they begin to trust you , you will start to feel the changes in the relationship with her and respect her more. The bad thing about them is that in spite of feeling the changes in relationship they wont come in front to admit the importance of that guy in their life and eventually leave the guy confused. Even if the guy will make a move on her she will push him back.  In today’s world I feel these kind of girls need to get little bold and come out of the shell a little more fast otherwise they end up losing from the third category which I name it as Category A.
Category A is total tomboy types. They are not scared or bothered to go alone with guys because of two reasons, one they feel lot more happy surrounded with guys and secondly they don’t end up as good friends with girls because of their nature. They are always expecting a lot more from other end without doing anything for other person. They show themselves to be very career oriented, confident but I believe they are not. I believe short term happiness means a lot to them and they don’t even try to think about long term happiness. Guys who have dated girls earlier  know and understand their mindset and thus never fall for them in serious manner. For these kind of girls holding hands, hugs , dates are not a big deal. They are not at all an ideal girl friend and I pity those guys who enter into serious relationship with them because am sure that would be their first love and they will end up with only hurt.
Now where my ideal girl should be. I will love to be with a girl who falls between Category A and B. This is because knowing the kind of person I am now , I myself will be scared to take next step with a girl and thus will like to see the girl to help me in taking the next step. I believe I wont ever be able to take a step if a girl belongs completely to category B and surely I will never like to end up with a girl of Category A. In addition, I will never like to meet someone from Category C.
So someone in between Category A and B will be great for me.

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