Saturday, 18 February 2012

Giving time to time

“In my search for freedom 
 And peace of mind 
 I've left the memories behind 
 Want to start a new life 
 But it seems to be rather absurd 
 When I know the truth 
 Is that I always think of you

Its not easy to forget anyone ( )…. Its absolutely not easy to move on ( )… Its difficult to accept the fact that the other person will no longer be a part of your life… Its damn difficult to convince yourself that the incoming call on your phone will no longer be of that person…. Its damn damn difficult to just let it go ( , But then  its  not IMPOSSIBLE….
So how to make that difficult thing possible… Well there is no perfect way out of this ..that is what makes this task difficult… I have seen him ( going through this phase and I believe that is one of the ways to get out of it… Before that couple of lines I heard Dr. Kumar Vishawas say which fits here :
“Mera apna tajurba hai,
tumhein batla raha hoon main,
koi lab choo gaya tha tab,
ke ab tak gaa raha hoon main.
bichur ke pyar mein kaise jiya jaaye bina tadpe
jo mai khudh nahi samjha wahi samjha raha hoon”

The first thing I believe is important is to understand that no one else can get you of the situation, its just YOU YOU and YOU. One needs to have the self-belief and strength to fight with the situation. I saw him standing in front of mirror talking to himself, trying to convince himself not to fall into a vicious trap of trying to get in touch of her as he understood that the eventual conclusion everytime was he hurting himself.

Another thing I observed him doing was making a conscious effort to get busy in life leaving him no time to think about losing someone important in life. His schedule for day was to wake up at 6 am, start for office at 7, spend the whole day in office and come home by 10 pm, have dinner and hit bed soon after that. He did that with the only objective to “give time to time” and let atleast the blood to stop from the wounds.

But then just by doing this was not enough, he told me when we met last time. He appreciated the effort me, my best friend and his other friends had put in by encouraging him to fight against the situation and reminding him to not to fall in the trap. I felt happy to hear that I was of some help to him. J

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