Saturday, 3 March 2012

Deadly February

For some February is the shortest month full of love, for me it is the longest month full of work….
How happy I feel writing this post on a Saturday afternoon of March. Thank god , the month of February is over. It was as expected, a month in which I spent most of the time in office, came home every night for 5-6 hours to sleep and then back to office. To make matters worse, the sleeping time was from 10 pm to 4 am. The only good thing was that I was doing work which I enjoy.
I did not get a minute even to think of what was happening last month. Mind was totally occupied with work. I remember on 20th night, I wrote it in my To do list for next day , to wish my sister anniversary, and I read it at 5 am on 21st, but still managed to give her a call only at 10 pm. I did not want to give her a call , wish and hang up. Wanted to spend at least 5 mins on phone with her and it was not possible.

One of my closest friends got engaged in February, I remember him telling me about his engagement mid of February, I thought of booking tickets, wrote it down on my pad in To do list and next time I see that, the engagement is just one day away. Neither my body was in a position to travel nor it was feasible financially and add to it some work on Saturday plus Monday morning same schedule at 4 am.
One thing I understood no matter how much you enjoy the work, the body cant take this schedule. I had an incident which just shook me up. I was driving at speed of around 80 kms/hr at 4 50 am one day and am still not sure if it was because of a tired mind and body or normally also it would have happened, I failed to see a truck standing in the middle of the road. I saw it only when my car was very close to it. Luckily somehow I managed to survive, taking a sharp cut . But then it left me with a thought in mind, what if ???

No complaints though, this is the choice I have made, to be in this profession , this is the first step I have taken for a dream that I have ( And I guess one has to make sacrifices to achieve dreams.
Thankfully the month of February is over, thankfully I survived it, thankfully it went off well.
Above all , thankfully am happily back to normal life. J J

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