Saturday, 24 March 2012

And the battle goes on

Not because am an analyst and its my job to find something extraordinary from normal, everytime I think about my life in past 3-4 years, I see a pattern. Good things happening together and sadly once a bad phase starts everything goes wrong together.
I don’t know but somehow I get a feel my life is always in extremes. Say for example Infosys, first 4 months the best, last 3-4 months the worst.
And its not the big big things , even the smallest of my wish gets nullified in the bad phase. And somehow these small small things makes me scared as they always have been an indicator to me that rauuullll things are starting to go wrong and it’s the beginning of something bad to happen.
This whole week has been like that. Anything and everything I wanted or I did , went completely wrong. To add to the woes, yesterday night I went for bowling , even that did not happen. And I know its difficult to digest the fact but the simple reason for this was that there was no parking. Oh yes, I was not allowed to park my car , the guard told me to come couple of hours later as movie shows were going on. YES DAMN YES !!! this happened and its very much normal in Chennai.
This is just a small incident. The biggies are better left unsaid. No point into dwelling into them. Even thinking about them are enough to scare the hell out of me.
But the crux of the matter is that why the hell everything starts to go wrong together. I mean wont it be better if one thing goes wrong in the day but to counter it something good happens, so that atleast I can sleep peacefully thinking about the good thing that happened and may be have some positive dreams.
Its so bad to even go to sleep during bad days , because even in sleep I get nightmares.
Its so so so bad to have these kind of days in an ALIEN LAND known as Chennai. Its getting difficult day by day but then I WONT QUIT easily. Bring it ON!!!

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