Sunday, 14 October 2012

Right vs Right

Its been long time. They both haven’t seen each other for years now. Everything was perfect between them. They both loved each other. But then if everything remains perfect, then its not life – it is a dream. And a dream ends eventually. The same thing happened between them, a difference of opinion in view about their relationship led to them getting separated. The difference : He loved her more than she loved him.

When they last met, he told her that he still believes in their love and will love to stay together forever and if even this means staying away for some time and then getting back he is ready to wait. He told her that she can focus on her career and come back whenever she feels she is ready to be in a state to commit for life. She promised she will come back if she feels the same.

1 year passed, 2 years passed, 3 years passed. As decided they both did not speak to each other, have no clue about whereabouts of the other person. The difference – the guy still remembers the promise and the girl holds the right to fulfill it.

Over the time, the girl realized that she does not wish to come back. She realized that he is not the one for her. She moved on. She settled down and hoped that he also would have moved on. She prayed for his happiness in future.
Over the time, the guy’s feeling became stronger and stronger. He realized that she is the one for her. It hurt him every minute waiting for her but at same time he felt happiness in waiting for her. He did not wish to move on unless he heard from her about what she decided. 

His friends did not like his approach and told him to move on. He replied negatively. On consistent insistence, he agreed to get in touch with her and ask her about what she feels now. He tried calling her, but the number did not exist. He went to her home but the home was locked, he got to know from neighbours that the family that lived there moved out couple of years back and they have no clue where they went. He mailed her but mail bounced back. He tried social networking sites but to no avail.

He still waits for her, he believes in his love. She is well settled in her life now, has a loving husband and a kid. He hopes that she will come back but she is happy in her life.

Whilst she comes in his dreams every night, he comes in her dreams occasionally and she silently prays then that he has forgotten her and moved on just like her.

Whilst he wants to meet her once, she does not as she is scared that it might spoil her married life if someone gets to know about him.

He has no clue that she is happily settled and she has no clue that he still loves her truly madly deeply.

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