Saturday, 6 October 2012

What is pressure...

When Jose Mourinho was asked if he is under pressure being the Chelsea manager, he famously replied, "Pressure? What pressure? Pressure is poor people in the world trying to feed their families. Working from dawn till dust just to feed their young. There is no pressure in football."

I always wonder how much we complain about pressure in life, i also sometimes go over the board complaining about my job timings, work pressure, pressure living away from the family. But at the same time i always end this by saying that I dont mind this life right now as its not the worst, i am still well off and feel blessed. 

I admit last few weeks have actually made me feel little pressurised living here in Chennai. The urge in me to be around my family and close friends in delhi has increased a lot.When someone asks me how am able to survive in chennai away from family for more than a year, i always reply that i compare today with the situation i was in 2009 and i see that time as the threshold above which i cant sustain pressure. So till the time am not in that bad situation i will keep fighting.

What made me to write this, i read a news article which made me really sad and realize that there are people in this world who end up their lives because of unbearable pressure. A kingfisher airlines employee's wife committed suicide because her husband hadnt been paid salary for six months and she had no money left to even ensure basic necessities of life for her family. If i had power i would have put the entire kingfisher management behind bars and filed a murder case against them. Am sure each of them right now would be living a normal life which is partying late in night. Mallaya would be preparing for the formula 1 grand prix tomorrow. Cruel world, what else i can say. 

Rest in peace and my condolences to her family. God bless them.

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