Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The hanged man

The news that is flashing in all the news channels and online newspapers is related to the hanging of kasab, the terrorist who was involved in the Mumbai attacks in Nov-08. Some are claiming it to be a victory for India, some claiming it as justice for the dead in those attacks. The importance of this event can be judged from the fact that even the opposition political party is also praising this execution. Ironically a terrorist has for a day united the whole country - the last time this happened was when India won the cricket world cup in 2011. 

Am sure the entire India including me hated the sight of Kasab firing all guns in Mumbai. Everyone wanted that person to be hanged, I myself felt that he deserves no right to live. Am glad it happened finally as he was living on the taxes paid by we common Indians.

But hang on, was he actually the real culprit ? Or he was just a Pawn ? 
For a minute, forget that he was a terrorist. The guy who got hanged was of our age group - 25 years, was not a born terrorist, had not seen the 1947 massacres when indo-pak separated. He was born to a poor family- dad a vada pav seller. Deprived of the basic necessities of life- food, education, he was born with a bad destiny in a poor village where jihad was on everyone's mind. And to make money (am sure he had no personal animosity against Indians) he got on the jihadis side. One point everyone is forgetting is that he did not come for this mission with a thought of going back alive - he knew he would be killed, and all the days he spent post the attacks were actually bonus for him. He did it for money - which would have gone to his family and helped them live a decent life.

Why are we celebrating his death? He in reality was never our enemy. Our enemy are those people who entice young poor people to follow this wrong path. Our enemy is illiteracy, poverty - not in just our country but world. Our enemy is the bad situation where people dont get a chance to rise in the society. Our enemy is that educated section of the society which is not allowing the past of india-pak issue to bury. 

Kasab the reason you died was because you fell to the above trap, hope there is a bit of good for you in this if you are not born in that poor environment again,hope you are not reborn as kasab- because if you are, then you will die early again...

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