Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Happy birthday to me !!!!

First of all, I admit never ever i thought that a day would come like this - spending my birthday away from my family and closest friends. A kind of new experience for me, hopefully for the first and last time.

As of now, i dont know what will i be doing tomorrow - no celebrations or anything planned.  Ironically an important work in office tomorrow will keep me busy for the first half of day which in a way is good, will see how second half shapes up.

Last year a close friend's marriage in kolkata ensured that i ended up spending my bday with my school friends, and as expected that bday turned out to be memorable. The only other time i was not with family on my bday was when i was in infy campus (oh yeah everything new  in my life happened when i was in mysore), but then again it was memorable. My closest friend came there to meet me and couple of other close friends ensured i didnt miss love and affection of my family.

The last one year has been a decent year both professionally and personally. I feel proud of myself that i have been strong enough to live away from my family. I know for many its not a big deal, but those who know me well will understand why its such a big deal for me.

The coming year - i am all excited for it. It will definitely be a life changer for me and for good i hope. Oh no, am not at all refering to marriage. Am still as refered by some  'too centric' about my career to think about something else.

 I hope to take the next step towards my professional dream sometime next year and i wish my personal dream takes the next step towards me.

Oh by the way its my dog's birthday today - happy birthday dugdug :)

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