Saturday, 8 December 2012

Love for some, destiny for others

She again asked "what is it about me that you love the most", they had been together for over a year and she had asked this question many times and everytime he just smiled and said "i love you because i know you" and never explained this statement further. As always Shaurya's answer amused Anamika but she loved hearing this statement so kept on asking him this again from time to time. 

It was not love at first sight for them. They were poles apart in nature. Shaurya was a 20th century family and emotional person whereas Anamika was a 21st century independent and confident girl. She was seen as a bindaas girl by everyone including him. They were classmates but rarely talked, more because of distance he maintained with her as he always felt kind of scared of her bold personality. Anamika was dating Ashwini at that time.

Her world broke apart when she got to know that Ashwini was cheating on her and that too with her best friend. The loss of both her boyfriend and best friend was a lot for her to handle. All of sudden, she was alone in the world which seemed full of hypocrites in her eyes. But still she behaved normally in front of everyone. Everyone including Shaurya thought of her as a girl for whom career was most important and relationships were always secondary and thus she remained unaffected as she never valued people.

Post break-up, the first time she saw Ashwini and her best friend together in canteen holding hands In front of everyone, she slapped Ashwini and abused her best friend and walked out of that place. Everyone including Shaurya were left surprised to see her boldness and something made Shaurya to follow her. He saw her sitting at the corner of a park and crying her heart out. He could have never imagined a girl like her shedding a tear for a person, so seeing her crying was a shock to him. He went forward and quietly sat with her. He waited for her to say something. The first line she said “you are the first person ever to see me crying". 

From there on, they became good friends. The more he got to know the other person inside her, the more he fell in love with her. He realized that inside she was as vulnerable as everyone is but she pretended to be the strong girl in front of everyone. She believed by doing this helped her confidence and also tell the whole world that this girl is not for taking. She told him abt her ex-bfs and how important career was for her which made her to move on. He fell in love with that emotional side of her, the side that she accidently showed him during the time of her loneliness, the side which was on normal times overruled by her other strong career focused independent side.

She loved him but he loved her more than she did. For her he was her only friend, her best friend, her bf but she was still too focused to think anything more than that. For him, she was his world.

So one day when he asked her about their future, she told him that she never thought about it and it is not the right time for her to even think about it. He was looking for a commitment but she was not ready for that. They started having arguments from then on. It was having an impact on his personal life and on her professional life.

One day she gathered courage and told him bluntly that she did not love him that much to think about a future together so its best for him to leave her. Knowing the person he was, she was scared that he might break down. However, he smiled and said “you always asked me why i love you, i love you because of this. I love you the way you portray yourself as a strong individual in front of the world and hide that emotional person. I love you the way you just asked me to go away from your life without showing that doing this will hurt you also forever".

She pretended to ignore what he just said, turned and started walking away from him. He knew that she was crying right then but wont turn back to show her emotions for him. He knew that she would never come back to him again. He was smiling because he always knew that this was his destiny the day he fell in love with her and if given a chance he would do this again, he knew that he loved her truly, madly and deeply… 

P.S. seems am liking writing fiction these days - enjoying it more than writing diary entries :)

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