Monday, 6 May 2013

Tham jaa Zindagi…

Few days back, turning the page of the calendar in my office, I realized that its already the start of May. One-third of 2013 has already passed. Seems like just yesterday I was dining with my school friends at 31st December 2012. Few significant events have happened in 2013 already, but life has been moving at such a fast pace, that I never really got a chance to just sit back and savor the moments.

Somewhere it is good that so much is happening in life that I never really got a chance to ponder over things. Somewhere it is bad that am not even getting chance to celebrate few events. Part and parcel of life I guess. J

But I do realize that I need to take out time for some of the important things in life and I intend to do that from June onwards. This month of MAY is definitely going to be a crazy one and am all set for it. Hopefully post that I will be able to control the speed of my life rather than other way around. J

Already I have a list of things to do in June – a small holiday, call up friends with whom haven’t kept in touch in last few months, listen to songs, watch movies, start jogging or playing some sports, etc etc etc :D

Tham jaa zindagi…tham jaa…yahi lamha hai,…jeene de mujhe…tham jaa…tham jaa…..

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