Sunday, 9 June 2013

And the bells rang again

After almost more than a year, I got a call from him again last month ( when I was in Delhi , as always from an unknown number. He just said that he wanted to meet me asap and told me that he will pick me up in next 20 minutes. I saw the watch and it was 11:30 pm. I was damn tired but could not resist a chance to meet him.

Over the last 4 years I met (around 4-5 times), every time I saw a different guy in him. But this time, I felt the same spark in his eyes which was their in 2008-09. He was sounding really positive. Before he said something, I told him “dude seems you have a gf”. He blushed.

From here on the conversation is different with what guys have and what girls. Girls go into deep dive and take all the details about the guy, his family etc etc. Guys generally just ask one question “Is she the one or you still in look out”? :D I did not need to ask this question because I knew he is not that kind of guy to go for a random relationship.

So I reminded him about the conversation we had last year and asked him is it the same feeling he had few years back ( I wanted to know that did he feel the violins playing, bell ringing – something he always believed in and was laughed at by many. He started by saying that precisely to tell me about this he wanted to meet me. He continued by saying that yes he heard them. But this time it was little different. This time he felt more of peace and a sense of assurance. So for next one hour , I just listened to him about how happy he is now that his decision to wait for the right person proved correct. He thanked me for telling him last year that he was in a romantically insulated stage and he needed to make an effort to get out of it. My respect for him doubled when he refused to compare his gf with his ex and said that its not right to compare. He finished off by saying that “Respect and learn from the past and present to have a better future”.

Wowww… its always been good to have a conversation with him. Wish we both had time to meet more often. It was good to be proved wrong.

When we were about to get up from our seats, suddenly I heard bells ringing. I thought it was an indication from god to me that she is somewhere there – but then I found out it was a customer who rang the bells of Pizza Hut where we were sitting. :D

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