Sunday, 30 June 2013

You are the reason why I smile

Oh yes, you are one of the biggest reasons of my smile. Your presence around me has brought a sense of peace in my life. I am grateful that despite my shortcomings you have accepted me the way I am…you have accepted me with my tantrums, you respect my opinions, you are always there for me and above all you trust me. I cannot stand the thought of losing you, you are such an integral part of my life. My life will be incomplete without you.

Each one of us are lucky to have such people in our lives. From parents, to siblings, to close friends, to life partner. They are the people who stand by you even if the world is against you. It is amazing to spend your life around those people. But sometimes we get so much involved with ourselves, that we forget our responsibility towards them and regret it later on.

I guess somewhere we as a generation are too materialistic. We are too much in love with gadgets, facebook account and ourselves, that we are ignoring the real world and people around us. In the effort to make our present better, we are not thinking about future. I guess for some people the smile for a given moment is directly proportional to the number of likes on the status related to it on facebook.

I am thankful that the people who bring a smile to my face are sane and they do have time for me and are not lost in virtual fake world. 

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