Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mera number bhi aayega

I have been a proponent of the theory of relativity only if its used in the right way in life – i.e. to motivate yourself ( Things go wrong if you start treating it in a negative way. Things go worse if you let it affect you. Then there is no way out.

No matter how much I believe in this, in the end sometimes I also do get affected by this. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what is it which is not letting me realize my potential whilst the world is moving ahead than me. Sometimes it do make me feel jealous of others. Sometimes it makes me irritated and frustrated. A few times it makes me cry too.

It is here where I think I start to lose the plot and the situation and life takes a u-turn. Normally most of the times its my family and close friends who come to rescue but strangely I guess I have found one more rescuer, and very strangely its my own blog, the random thoughts which I wrote couple of years back. 

Reading the old posts remind me about what I stood for in the past , what I wanted to achieve in my life and most importantly how I wanted to walk the path. I guess today is the first time I actually have found the real purpose of what made me start blogging and how it will remain a part of my life till the last day.

P.S. made me understand and write this post.

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