Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A minute of fame

I guess I was one of the late adopters of facebook. I eventually came on facebook when I heard people were actually questioning my existence as I could not be found on the social networking site (The same is happening again now as am not on WhatsApp, damn I hate technological evolution in social networking :D).

The biggest reason for the success of facebook is that it has given everyone of us a shortcut to “A minute of fame”. Well, if you are doing something that you want to “boast” about – put it on facebook. You want to show your ex how happy you are without him/her – simple put it on facebook. It is your “A minute of fame” and make everyone else notice you. I am fine with all these – but the ones where people tell how much they love their parents/friends/pets, I find that really irritating sometimes. Common, your pet is not on facebook – please go and kiss him in real rather than sending a kiss virtually on his facebook page created by you only.

I guess its fine till the time you are doing it for “A minute of fame” and not bothered more about it. It is bad if you start getting affected by it: “Oh no, only 5 likes”, “Did he notice my status – how can I find out”, “Let me think what I should put today on facebook”. People like these I call them “virtual” people – people who bother more about their online life as compared to real life.

I seriously wonder sometimes what the next evolution will be in social networking. Definitely facebook is just the beginning – there is more to come. Hopefully by then, I would have atleast migrated to WhatsApp. J

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