Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gossip – The social conundrum

I was never a topic of gossip during my school and engineering days. One way to look at it is that I had a very clean image, but the other way to look at it is that my life was boring or I was not at all considered worthy to be a topic of gossips. :D

Things changed when I moved to Infosys. Oh yes, I was famous in Infosys – for both right and wrong reasons and was a topic of gossip for some. It did hurt me when I was being talked about in the campus for wrong reasons. I did have arguments and fights in stopping those gossips but it made the situation worse.
Things further changed when I moved to MBA. Whilst I was able to maintain quite a low profile in the first year, things did get little messy in the second year and was stupidly linked to someone or the other don’t know how and why.  I did became a topic of some gossip. But this time, I behaved little maturely. I did have a couple of arguments but then decided to just leave it and not allow it to affect me.

It surprises me that even today I do become a topic of gossip - no matter how much I keep myself as low profile. I have realized that be it school, college or office – Gossip is a big part of social interaction and it is something that will impact me from time to time. I know that I too sometimes indulge in this but I always ensure that it is harmless. I do think before saying anything. What really irritates me is that when someone says something about me to common friends without any base. And the rumor spreads like fire. So So stupid. What I do as a reaction is to just SMILE , don’t defend myself and ignore it. J

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