Saturday, 7 September 2013

I, me and myself

The best quality that you can have is to understand yourself. That allows you to take control of yourself when things are not going right. It allows you to ensure that things don’t get worse.

I guess everyone tries to do that. But not many succeed, because they don’t understand themselves, they don’t understand what situation they are in and hence they fail to realize what is needed to be done to get out of it.

Am glad that somewhere am not in that league of people. I am a good friend of myself. I am not scared to face the situation, I don’t try to run away from it. I am able to understand my mood and adjust to it accordingly. Say for e.g. if I am in an angry/furious mood I try not to communicate much with other people. If am in a sad mood, then I try to find some activity to give my mind a break.

But sadly yes sometimes the situation do get better off me and things get little out of hand. And what I hate about this the most is that because of me other people get affected. I guess I lose myself during these times and get into a kind of mode where I don’t care about anyone else, Its just I, me and myself.

Thankfully these kind of moments have been very rare in my life and hopefully I don’t get to face them more in future. 

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