Sunday, 8 September 2013

In your shoes

Many people call me too mature for my age. They say that I am a serious kind of guy, I need to get little loose (not in character :P) in my life and let life take its own course rather than me trying my hard to control it. One strength which a lot of my friends appreciate a lot is that I am a good listener and apparently give good advice and motivate people to excel in their lives. Above all, they know that I am not going to tell about our discussion to anyone – they know I will never let down on this. J

Well, I don’t know how much truth is in all this but since it’s a large number of people who say this so am more than happy to believe in this except for that serious and mature kind of guy. :D

How I give advice? Its very simple. I just put myself in the other person’s shoes and start to think of what I would have done in that situation – what are the problems I will face in that situation, what will be the pros and cons of the solution I am suggesting. The one thing which I take care is that I don’t end up suggesting a solution or path that should be taken (specially in case of romantic issues :D). I just give all the possible paths and let the other person decide the final path.

There are very few people to whom I go for a advice. Frankly most of the times I end up discussing things with myself only. I believe its not because of I don’t have people around me with whom I feel I can discuss, its just may be my introvert nature when it comes to my personal life. I think my experience in past has made me very cautious to discuss about my life with other people except for very few close friends and obviously family.

P.S. I think the credit for my listening quality deserves to go to the women in my life (starting from my two elder sisters to my female friends, they have never allowed me to speak much till now L )

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