Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The jealous me

Yes, I feel jealous of you. I do. I feel jealous that you tend to feel happy at such small small things in life which I despite trying am not able to.

I feel jealous when you get happy on getting 50 likes on your facebook profile picture – I have not even felt like changing/updating pic for years.

I feel jealous that you become happy at the prospect of getting to drink wine and vodka – I don’t feel like drinking at all.

I feel jealous that you get happy at the end of month on getting salary even if you have not done anything good in job – I at the end of month reflect if I have learnt something new and added value to my knowledge base.

I feel jealous that you are not concerned about your future – I am concerned if I will be able to achieve my dream.

I feel jealous that you have got chance to go abroad and visit different places – I never got the opportunity and at same time despite planning several times it never happened.

I feel jealous of YOU – Yes I do feel jealous. And this jealously motivates me in life to succeed and love myself more. So effectively I am proud of it.

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