Sunday, 8 September 2013

The little break

Oh yeah – finally I gifted myself a break of 48 hours. A break from what all is happening around me (some good and some not that good). I had promised myself one in June ( but it never happened. I went home once after that in July to give myself a break but things did not go as planned then. I ended up in delhi for around 10 days but never got a moment to relax then. And to make matters worse I could not go home on Rakhi as I had taken lot of leaves in July itself. Anyways, sometimes things like these happens J.

Its an extended weekend and I am happily lazing around, staying alone at home – no human presence around me. I think 3 posts in the last 2 days sum up the weekend for me. J I am watching movies (watched K3G 100th time), formula 1 race, big bang theory etc etc etc. Plus connected with a lot of people after a long time. So in all happy happy lazy weekend.

But yes at the back of my mind there are lot of thoughts analysis going on. I am trying my best to avoid them and somewhere have been successful. I wish there was some way to switch off mind temporarily and just do what your heart wants. :D

P.S. One more song added in my list during the weekend, relatively old song but I have started liking it now – Ishq vala Love from a stupid and idiotic movie Student of the Year

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