Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Small fish in big pond – Part V

There is always a fear if you are a small fish – the fear of being eaten by a big fish. Oh yes, come how much you believe in yourself, its difficult to escape from big fishes. They want to rule the pond and they cannot let you become the king. It’s the way evolution works – Survival of the fittest. You need to be both smart and strong to survive.

Well if such a situation arises, there are only two options that I can think of. One stand firm and fight with them and 99% of the times get killed or second find another pond. The third one which some would say is wise thing to do is to wait patiently for a storm and hope that it takes the big fishes out of the pond and clear the way for you.

I in past always went for another pond option. Fighting I never considered as an option because I don’t think it helps anyone and never yield the desired results. Moreover, I believe most of the things can be sorted out peacefully. Waiting for a storm I am no longer able to do – I don’t have the patience anymore for it. If I want something and I know I deserve it – I prefer going ahead with it at any cost.

P.S. Strangely writing this post reminded me of a historical happening wherein a small fish (Mangal Pandey) died fighting alone with the Britishers (Big fish). I know his death is considered by many as the one who started the uprising but may be shifting the pond (striking at the right time) would have been a better option then.

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