Saturday, 15 February 2014

Out of comfort zone – III

Even though how much confident you portray yourself to be, there is a sense of nervousness inside once you try to move out of the comfort zone. The fear that what if things go wrong stays with you for some time. The anxiety if I miscalculated the move. The doubt if things will change for worse.

I guess this all adds to make the decision to move out of comfort zone so tough 
( But the difficult part does not end here, its just the beginning. Once you implement the decision, you then start to judge your decision each and every day. You don’t give enough time before inferring if the move was right or wrong. I think that’s where everyone including me make mistake. Every decision should be given some time before one can categorize it right or wrong.

Once you come out of comfort zone, it takes time for you to adjust to the surroundings and even the surroundings to accept you. Many of times you jump to a conclusion that this is not the one for you much before things have even settled down. A lot of people make this mistake and start thinking of next move then itself. This is where life gets crazy and turns up down.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to to keep a good attitude while waiting”

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