Sunday, 6 April 2014

Is this the way

Firstly I didn’t believe what I was reading. Then I read it again. Then again. Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich had to quit because his personal opinion was against same-sex marriage. He donated $1000 in 2008 to a campaign fighting against it. So when this was publicly disclosed, he faced opposition online with some websites restricting access to people using Mozilla browser. The Mozilla management acted on this and are taking pride in removing him.

Am not questioning the same-sex marriage topic here. I do not wish to disclose my views on this topic on a public forum – I guess it can have its repercussions either ways. My intention here is to raise the topic of “right to freedom of opinion”. Eich had his opinion and he was left with only one option to save the job – that was to apologize for what he believed in. He did not, and he had to leave his job. 

Now again, am not trying to defend him on his view on same-sex marriage, am trying to question the people who raised voice against him and also the Mozilla management. What I could gather so far is that he made a public statement when this controversy erupted and said that he will not change any company policies which acknowledge same-sex marriages. So what he was saying was that though its his personal opinion that he is against it, the company as a whole will continue to acknowledge and respect same-sex marriages.

I am not sure that any gays/lesbians will be feeling proud of what has just happened. I do not see this as the way to show that the world is changing and is accepting them. It’s a forceful acceptance. Are all the employees of Mozilla accept same-sex marriage? Do they ask in interview whether the candidate is for/against same-sex marriage and do they actually not select those who say against ? Isnt this forcing an opinion in a free society. If things actually go this way, then I fear it is the beginning of killing the freedom to have your own personal opinion.

I think the entire concept of freedom is to do and support what you feel is right. So to remove someone because he has his own personal views which is against something is not correct. Its his personal views and as long as he has not done anything in the organization to enforce his views he should not be punished. I may be wrong here in this post but I am still shocked that this entire episode has happened. And I again repeat am no where trying to say if I am for/against same-sex marriage. I will like to keep this opinion personal and not to put it on web.

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