Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rab ne banaa di Jodi

I saw this movie when I was in Infosys campus, Mysore. I know most of the people think that it’s a stupid movie but it does not matter to me. There is some kind of connect I have with this movie. The other day I downloaded this movie and watched it completely non-stop. Oh yes, you can call me a true SRK fan.

Somewhere I think its actually the SRK movies which are keeping love alive. It is his movies like DDLJ, kuch kuch hota hai, rab ne banaa di Jodi, Veer Zaara, Jab tak hai Jaan etc etc which reminds us of what love is actually. It reminds us that love is unconditional. If its love, it is true – you don’t need to prove it. It reminds us that love is simple and is a beautiful feeling. There is a sense of peace even if it hurts sometimes.

My viewpoint on love has never changed and I don’t think so it will. I was and am believer in love – may be because I grew up watching SRK movies and I accept it no matter what people think. I actually find it strange that all those people who criticize his movies for over-characterization of love actually go and watch his movies each and every time in theatres. I guess somewhere they think that its COOL to criticize romantic movies. So so so stupid of those people I say…

I think 50-60 years down the line, when am sure love will not exist on this planet anymore – it will be these movies which people will see and say that once upon a time there was a feeling like this which was called Love.

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