Thursday, 12 March 2015

A complete life???

I have been running for last almost four years for a moment when I could say that my life is complete. I don’t think it has happened till now. Initially I used to feel sad about it thinking why am I not able to achieve that despite trying my best. My definition of a complete life was simple – being with family and friends, finding happiness in that and trying my best to keep them happy too.

I think the circumstances and the direction in which my life has moved in last 8-10 months, it will never happen. I feel I need to change my definition of a complete life if I want to remain happy. May be living at a distance remains the only solution where I can be happy and I can keep them happy too. May be that is the destiny or may be that is what is the meaning of life. I do not know if it is a selfish thought or a realistic thought but it is what seems to be happening. I guess its time I change my definition of a complete life to limit my and other people sadness.

It does not mean that I am going to forget the original definition of a complete life. I can never forget that and deep inside I can never stop running after that. But it is something which I have to leave it on time and hope that it happens. For everyone’s including my happiness its something I can not openly run after. It is something which now needs to start moving towards me by luck or by chance.

At first, I thought it is going to be very difficult. But then the support of everyone around me over the last few months (which have been quite tough) in making this transition has made this task easier. I guess it has actually taken me somewhere a step closer. And I now actually have started to understand that no matter how much the physical distance is between the loved ones, love never gets lost.

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