Saturday, 4 July 2015

Death by chance

You are crossing road. And suddenly a car comes from nowhere at a high speed and boom…crashes on you, you are dead. Was it death by chance? Or was it destiny? Or was it combination of both? Or did your god decide that your time was up? If so, then why so early – you have not even lived half of normal life expectancy of a human? Did you do so much bad in your so less time at earth that you deserved to die? What about your family – why they need to suffer every moment for rest of their lives missing you?

I was asked a question couple of months back in a corporate training – what do I fear the most in life. My reply left many surprised – I said an unnatural unexpected death. Obviously hearing this I was asked to explain a bit more in detail to which I replied that I don’t believe in god, I don’t believe in hell and heaven. I believe that once I die – I will not feel anything after that, there is no afterlife. I know no one understood there what I meant. I know many stopped listening to me after hearing out my first few words which were “I don’t believe in god”.

My theory is that there is someone powerful controlling me but it is not god. If it was god – he would not do bad to good people, if he wanted to kill someone then I am very much sure there are much more bad people on this planet that he should had called. There is someone else in this galaxy who is controlling our lives (may be something matrix like – who knows). If god created us, then atleast he should have given everyone same number of years to live. Oh god if you are there, then you should not have done that – you should have atleast kept some equality in human beings.

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